Wednesday, August 1

Steamed Salmon Salad with Grapefruit-Ginger Dressing

This salad not only combines three of my favorite things (avocado, grapefruit and ginger), it also includes one of my didn't-used-to-be-and-still-isn't-quite-a-favorite-but-I-know-it's-AMAZINGLY-healthy things...salmon.

If you're trying to lose weight you will be thrilled to know that salmon speeds up your metabolism. (Quicker weight loss and longer sustainability!) Also, the Omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon help your brain work better, improve your memory and contribute to shiny hair, bright eyes and healthy skin.

As for avocados, those who follow my blog know that they are GOOD FAT which we all need. Good fats are mono-unsaturated fat (olive oil, canola oil, seeds, nuts and avocado) and poly-unsaturated fat (fish, walnuts, seeds flax-seed/oil.) So salmon is also good fat:)

To top it off, literally and figuratively, ginger is not only delicious, it's also good for your digestive system.Win, win, win!

Ingredients: (Makes 4 servings)
1 lb salmon fillet, cut in half to fit in a steamer basket)
1 tsp ground cumin, Juice from 2 limes (about 1/4 cup
8 cups mixed greens
1 Avocado, sliced
1 pink grapefruit, segments separated
1/2 cup bean sprouts - I didn't have these :(

Grapefruit-Ginger Dressing:
5 tablespoons grapefruit juice
2 tbs olive oil
1/4 cup white-wine vinegar
1 tbs chopped fresh ginger

Season fish with salt, pepper, cumin and lime juice and steam in a bamboo steamer or a pot w/ steamer insert until tender, about 3 minutes per side. Set aside 10 minutes to cool.

Mix dressing ingredients in a small bowl. Toss greens with 1/2 dressing. Arrange salmon, avocado slices and grapefruit sections on top of each salad and drizzle lightly with remaining dressing. Top with bean sprouts.

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