Monday, March 19

Cherry Chard Salad

My mom served this around the holidays and I couldn't stop complimenting her on it. "I know" she said. "It's always a hit." Always? I wondered.

I finally got around to requesting the recipe and she forwarded the email she had sent to her Bunko group. Ha. I guess she wasn't kidding. 

I forgot to add walnuts to mine. (Whoops.) But at least I didn't forget the most important ingredient - dried cherries.


5-6 large chard leaves
Olive Oil
Feta cheese
Quinoa (cooked)
Toasted walnuts
Dried cherries

Cut steams out of chard leaves, then cut leaves into thin strips approx three inches long. Toss leaves in equal parts olive oil and lemon juice. Top with remaining ingredients.

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