Wednesday, November 9


In keeping with my theme of varying my workouts and continuing to challenge myself I finally took my first Indo-Row class. I bought the voucher months ago but have been procrastinating. What could possibly be fun about sitting on a stationary machine and doing resistance training for 50 minutes? Ugh. 

Walking into class was a little intimidating. The rest of the class was already strapped in and warming up. However, the instructor was very friendly and helpful. He gave me a quick run through on proper form as well as the numbers on the display screen.

Much to my relief I didn't have to pay too much attention to the numbers since I was assigned to a team and instructed to follow the pace of my team captain. Although I did have to shout out my "split time" (this is the amount of time it would take to row 500 meters at my current pace) on a couple occasions. Fortunately I didn't know how pathetic this number was!

After a short warm up Josh cranked up the music and we started the "waves." The pace and intensity of these waves varied, much like interval training for runners. It surprised me how determined I became during the waves, striving to increase my strokes per minute and improve my split time. If you know me you know I'm not a very competitive person. Sure, I participate in marathons and triathlons but only for the "experience."

I think the difference with Indo-Row is the team spirit and camaraderie. I didn't want to let my team down, especially during the 150 meter relay at the end of class. As my teammates cheered and shouted my name I gave every last ounce of energy and effort I had. Part of me also wanted to brag to my boyfriend that I helped my team (and his alma mater -Michigan) win the race. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Sigh. Blame it on the new girl.

After class I discovered a couple things I hadn't realized. For one thing, it's an incredible core workout. I can't remember the last time my abs were as fatigued as they were after this class. For another, each class burns between 400-800 calories (depending on your weight and level of intensity). That's more than my three mile runs...and a lot more fun!

Lastly, my instructor Josh Crosby is a former world champion rower and the creator of Indo-Row machines and classes. So when I say I learned from the best I mean it!

The classes are now offered nationwide so hopefully you can find one in your area. I will definitely be returning to class and hope to bring a couple friends along.

Thanks Josh!

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