Saturday, November 26


I was first introduced to TRX (Total body Resistance eXercise) last year when a personal trainer brought one to one of our training sessions. Since then I have sought out every opportunity to use them from training sessions to group classes.

Born in the Navy SEALS, TRX is a training tool that builds total body stability and strength by leveraging the user’s bodyweight (the body providing the resistance). The TRX helps build lean muscle, boosts metabolism, tightens the core and increases endurance. Oh . . . and it's fun:)

I took a TRX class on Thanksgiving and although I was able to eat guilt free I'm still hurting two days later! I work out every day and vary the types of workouts I do so I'm very rarely sore. But the TRX is able to hit muscles that my regular routine doesn't and provide me with one of the best workouts possible. 

Look it up to find classes in your area. You'll be sore . . . but you won't be sorry. 

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