Sunday, January 5

The Year(s) in Fitness....

If it's possible to set a "PR" for fitness & athletic endeavors 2013 is definitely the year my record was set!

I started the year by becoming a group fitness instructor at a Los Angeles studio gym called Elliptifit and helped many reach their fitness goals (while having fun doing it:) I wish there were more locations so I could recommend a class but if you have access to a machine you can create your own elliptical workout.

I also became an active member of the LA Tri Club and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Never did I imagine I would wake up at the crack of dawn to swim in the freezing cold ocean or bike hill repeats until I was so exhausted I could hardly keep my bike upright (and one time failed to do so - oops). But these are activities I not only engaged in but looked forward to every week for weeks on end. Proof that a workout buddy or buddies can sometimes motivate you far more than you could have or would have motivated yourself. 

Other 2013 highlights included learning to stand up paddleboard, or, SUP (and eventually combining SUP with yoga), investing in a surfboard and improving my surf skills and (finally) learning to ride the toe edge of my snowboard. 

My immediate fitness goal for 2014 is to train for and race my longest triathlon to date - the Wildflower Long Course. I will be racing two legs of the course - the 1.5 mi swim and 13.1 mi run (and passing the baton to my dad for the 56 mi bike ride.) Beyond that I will look to the list below for inspiration and hope you will too:)

New sports/activities to try in 2014:

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) - if you don't live near the water combine this one with a vacation! California and Hawaii are two great SUP destinations.

Hiking - though the idea of hiking usually conjures images of dirt paths and babbling brooks this is one you can do almost anywhere from a hilly residential neighborhood to the stairs of a metropolitan city. I'm excited to try "urban hiking" as it has become increasingly popular Los Angeles. 

Surfing/ Snowboard - it's never too late to learn! There are adult lessons available for both sports. Beginner lessons are so easy you start by learning to keep your balance on the board (before the board is moving!)

Studio gyms - Large chain gyms can be overwhelming and intimidating. Instead try one of these small gyms that provide group instruction focusing on a particular activity such as kettlebell, TRX, or spin. I found this gym just before the new year and it's a killer ->

Racing - if you enjoy running, or even if you don't, consider training for a 5k. Races like mud runs, color runs, and electric runs are so fun that they will keep your mind off the fact that you're running three miles. If you are a seasoned runner consider adding a a second or third sport (duathlon/triathlon.) If the idea of an open water swim terrifies you start with a pool swim:)

Happy New Year! Hope you all achieve your fitness goals!

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