Tuesday, April 10

Butt Busting Elliptical Workout

When you hear "cardio" the first thing that comes to mind is probably running the treadmill or maybe indoor cycling.  I admit, those are the only types of cardio I did for a really long time. And while I enjoy both I knew I had to vary my routine to stay motivated and continue to challenge myself.

If you follow my blog you know I've tried various other forms of cardio from rowing to swimming. My latest endeavor is Elliptifit™, a new fitness studio/class in west la. If you're a member of a "fitness factory" (my term for gym chains such as 24 Hour and LA Fitness) you've no doubt used an elliptical, probably as a 15-20 minute warmup for weights or circuit training. As a bonus, you may have even caught up on the daily news while fiddling with your ipod or browsing the web on your smartphone. How do I know this? Because it's how I "worked out" in my past life:)

This class is NOTHING like that. It's 35 minutes of heart pumping cardio that will leave you with an empty water bottle and a sweaty towel. No phones and no talking heads. (Well, except for the instructor.) Since these classes aren't offered everywhere I have included a sample workout below. House music and neon lights not included.  *SPM = Strides Per Minute

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