Friday, February 24

Soy Chorizo Scramble

Dave and I recently ordered a meat and cheese plate at happy hour (isolated incident. . . I swear) and both felt a little gross, not to mention guilty, afterwards. We were most remorseful about the chorizo although I have only a vague idea of what that is (and would like to keep it that way!)

On my next shopping trip to Trader Joe's I saw soy chorizo. I bought it impulsively - guilt free chorizo(!) - but had no idea what to do with it.

A couple days later I was rummaging through the refrigerator for something to make for breakfast and I came across the chorizo. Determined to find a use for it I tossed the remaining contents of the refrigerator onto the counter.

The good news? It was delicious. The bad news? I still felt guilty! I had to check the nutritional info to reassure myself of the low calorie, high iron, high fiber breakfast I had just consumed. If it's too spicy for you (or your kids) try adding plain greek yogurt.

One soy chorizo link (serves 2)
Two bell peppers
Half onion
Egg whites
Feta cheese
Olive Oil

Sautee diced peppers and onion over olive oil until lightly browned. Add crumbled chorizo. After 1-2 mins add just enough egg whites to stick everything together (remember . . . it's about the chorizo!) Top with feta cheese and enjoy!

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