Monday, February 13

Sweet and Sexy Valentine's Day Workout

My coworkers and I got a jump start on Valentines Day last week with this workout from Tone It Up. It was surprisingly difficult and I was sore for days afterwards. If you have a romantic evening planned tomorrow night you may want to wait on this one(!) Otherwise I highly recommend it.

Heart With Leg Abduction:
Balancing on one leg, extend the other outward. Raise your arms above your head touching your hands together in a "heart" before returning them to your side for another rep. 15 on each side.

Front Core Kick:
Standing balanced on one leg, extend the opposite leg straight out (hands on hips). Slowly return leg to start position and repeat. 20 on each leg.

Curtsey Lunge:
Standing upright lunge rear leg behind and across standing leg as you raise your arms to the side. 20 on each leg.

Side Lunge:
Lunge side to side placing all weight and force on the heel of the foot you are lunging toward. Hands on the bent knee. 15 on each side.

Glute Kick Back:
Balancing on one leg, kick the other behind you without bending your knee. 20 on each side.

Heart Shape Tummy Tuck (I think this is the one that got me!)
Start in a plank position. Bring one knee toward your chest and draw half a heart with it. 10 on each side.

Heart Leg Abduction (this one got me too!)
Begin by laying on your side, propped on elbow with head in hand. Lift your top leg into the air and draw a big heart with your foot, keeping your leg as straight as possible. 10 on each side.

Cupid's Arrow:
Begin by laying on your side as above. Lift the top leg at a 45 degree angle in front of you then back down. 10 on each side.

Warm Hug:
Begin from a side plank position. Twist your torso and wrap your top arm underneath your core. 10 on each side.

Kiss Your Waistline:
From your knees perform a pushup keeping your elbows as close to your torso as possible. 20 reps. 

Fly Like Cupid:
On your front, perform a breast stroke motion keeping your arms extended and off the ground. Bring your arms toward your waist while lifting slightly, then back in front of you while lowering slightly. 20 reps.

Booty Bridges:
Laying on your back place your feet so they are almost under your knees. Press into the ground and force your core up. 20 reps.

Love Crunches:
Laying on your back, lift your feet in the air and perform crunches by reaching your hands toward your toes. Bend your knees if you need to. 20 reps.

Balance in a v-sit position. Raise one leg to your chest, lightly holding it before lowering it down to the ground and raising the opposite leg. 10 on each side.

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