Wednesday, September 5

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

As you may have noticed I've been slacking on my fitness posts. Training for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon the past few months has left me little time to explore fun new workouts and there is only so much I can say about swimming, biking and running!

Last weekend I finally had the opportunity to do something I've been dying to try. . . stand up paddle boarding! I had scheduled my lesson in Santa Monica and was excited to "ride" the waves rather than diving under them. However, due to high surf, the lesson was rescheduled for the calm, still water of Marina Del Rey.

Although an easier place to learn, I worried that I wouldn't get the workout I was hoping for in the bay. But within a few minutes of paddling I could feel my core engaging. If you have ever stood on a bosu ball, you know what I'm talking about. (And if you haven't stood on a bosu ball imagine the feeling you get in your abs while laughing.)

Later I thought hmmm. . . I'm starting to feel this in my arms, and shoulders, and back. And, although the water was mostly flat, BOY was I flexing my glutes to stay on that board every time a boat passed by!

We had planned to have a race at the end of the lesson to give us a little extra cardio. But two hours in we had split into groups and were too busy chatting or sight seeing to break a sweat. A very relaxing workout or "active recovery" as the athletes among us would say. But, athlete or not, I highly recommend this fun alternative to your regular fitness routine.

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