Wednesday, October 12

"Grilled Cheese" Sandwich

Neither the cheese, nor the bread, is grilled in this sandwich. In fact, the only thing that's grilled is the red peppers. But it will curb grilled cheese cravings for cheese lovers like myself!

Cutting back on cheese was the hardest thing about starting the Tone It Up diet (even harder than ditching the beer!) A "domino sized slice" per day?? I had consumed more than that by breakfast most days!

Now I only eat "real" cheese on rare occasions. Soy cheese can be sub'd for real cheese in almost every recipe. And the best way to keep from taking a block out of the fridge and cutting yourself a slice (or five) is not to buy it!

When I do eat real cheese I prefer goat cheese. It's lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than cow cheese and has the same amount of protein.*

To make this sandwich cut half a red bell pepper into slices and saute with olive oil. Toast two slices of whole wheat/multi-grain bread. Spread goat cheese on each slice. Top one slice with fresh spinach and the bell pepper slices, then top with the other slice.


* Calories per oz:             Cholesterol per oz:
Cow cheese: 100             Cow cheese: 30mg
Goat cheese: 80               Goat cheese: 20mg

Fat per oz:                       Protein per oz:
Cow cheese: 10g             Cow cheese: 5g
Goat cheese: 6g               Goat cheese: 5g

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